Best art galleries in New Zealand

With a rich cultural heritage, New Zealand is the country where you can find important art galleries where the most desired masterpieces are shown to the large audience for exhibition or for sale. The beautiful old style is mixed with the contemporary art by the talented artists in an original way that attracts the curiosity and delights our senses.

What you didn’t know about New Zealand

One of the oldest and the best rated gallery in New Zealand is the Auckland Art Gallery, a tremendous institution of art that survived for more than three decades despite the obstacles meet. The reason why it is so highly appreciated by art lovers is the nature of its collection which is actually displaying the history of New Zealand in images. They capture even the oldest contacts of Maori people and those coming from Europe to explore the earth, which are full of signification for a better understanding of their origins.

In contrast to this gallery that exposes the oldest history, Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts comes with a contemporary gallery created by the eccentric artists. People living in New Zealand can enjoy the exhibition or enroll to different learning modules or book conference rooms for a special event such as the publishing of a new book. The contemporary art can be admired also at Antoinette Godkin Gallery, where artists like Glen Snow, Louise Fong or Fiona Johnstone are exhibiting their valuable ideas for the delight of ordinary people.

Started as a hotel and changed in a school for the deaf people later, the Lopdell House Gallery is today the art centre where you can find traces of history through the objects restored along the years. The impressive collection reminds people about the important cultural heritage their ancestors built and which is the base of every facility we are enjoying today. The National Library is included in this center and gathers one of the largest collections of important books for humanity and art.

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A different perspective is found at the Gus Fisher Gallery where besides the usual exhibitions, there is an art research center. Here there are numerous programs that are allowing talented students to follow their dream even if they are encountering financial issues. The center is in direct relation with the University of Auckland where the passion, talent and perseverance are the criteria of admission.  All the students are encouraged to be creative in order to succeed when they create their masterpieces through which they express feelings, facts or visual delight.

New Zealand is surprising us with the large number of art galleries that are expressing its beauty. Restoring the art centers is one of the best ways to cherish the history of the nation in a world that is changing quickly enough to realize it and decide that it is time to show people how things were before. On the other side, the contemporary galleries come with an abstract view of the world we are living in trough images, words or sounds meant to make us feel the value that lays beyond it.